To Perform

Have a little girl come up from audience to help you. Assume that her name is Mary. Have her stand at your right. The vase and box of confetti are on the table, back a little.

Bring vase forward. Uncover it and give Mary and audience a view inside of it.

"I have never been able to determine, Mary, whether this is a vase, an urn, a flower pot, a drinking utensil, or a loving cup. It was presented to me by the governor of the Squeegee Islands."

Go to rear of table and place vase and cover down on table.

"I usually fill the vase with confetti and set it on the shelf. I have a box of confetti here for the purpose."

Tip box forward a little with left hand to show confetti but be careful not to expose insert in box. With right hand pick up some confetti and let it drop again. Pick up vase and pretend to fill it with confetti by scooping it down into the box. In reality, scoop up the metal insert inside of vase.

Put right fingers on faked top and bring vase upright above box. You can pick up quite a bit of extra confetti above faked top and then brush it off as if to even it. The confetti falling from the top gives impression that vase is full of confetti, Figure 36.

Pick up cover from table and cover vase tight. Give vase to Mary to hold.

"There you are, Mary, a nice vase full of delicious confetti. Do you like confetti, Mary? It is quite evident that Mary is not overly enthusiastic about bits of paper. Well, Mary, if there is anything that you would rather have than confetti, just ask for it."

Figure 33 shows arrangement of insert or lining—with ribbon on bottom and candy filling it and confetti-covered top on it.

Whisper to her to ask for candy.

"What would you rather have. Candy? Then candy you shall have. Lift off the cover."

Mary lifts the cover, which carries with it the inner cover. Place double cover aside, Figure 37.

Pick up paper plate and give it to Mary. Pour candy from the vase into plate. Be careful not to expose paper ribbon at bottom of insert.

"There, Mary, a whole plate of goodies. I suppose you wonder what became of all the confetti. Well, some changed into the candy and the rest was transformed into fairy ribbons."

Turn vase over. Start ribbon from center of roll and let it stream down to the floor. This effect of ribbon falling from the vase in a continuous stream is very pretty. Hold stem of vase in left hand and place right fingers just inside edge of vase to keep insert from falling out, Figure 38.

When ribbon has fallen out entirely, show vase empty. Place vase and cover aside on table and dismiss Mary with her plate of candy.

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