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A little ingenuity on your part can build up for you an interesting routine with thimbles. Vary it with Front and Back Hand Palming, Throwing thimble into air and catching in hat. Throwing thimble through bottom of hat, etc.

Refer back to THE MISER'S DREAM and use it as a basis for working up a thimble routine. Here is a suggested routine:

Start with 12 thimbles stacked and held inside of hat in left hand.

1 - Pretend to catch something from the air and to throw it into hat. At the right moment drop one thimble from the stack in left hand. Reach in with right and get thimble on forefinger. Thumb Palm it in right hand and cause it to vanish by a slight upward throwing movement.

2 - Produce this thimble from under left elbow. Pretend to throw it into hat, Thumb Palming it again. Drop thimble from left hand into hat. You now have one thimble in hat.

3 - Produce thimble from left knee. Pretend to drop in hat. Drop second thimble into hat from left hand.

4 - Produce from air. Get thimble on right forefinger from Thumb Palm position, Figure 119.

Now turn left side to audience. Pretend to throw thimble into air—in reality, Back Palm it. Show both sides of hand empty. Then suddenly produce thimble at second finger-tip.

Turn right side to audience. Pretend to push thimble through bottom of hat. Have palm of hand to audience. Bring hand down about a foot, then up to hat, and in a flash Back Palm thimble. At proper time, drop thimble from left hand into hat. This is the third thimble in hat.

5 - Produce thimble from left elbow. Have palm of hand to audience, fingers screened behind left elbow. Bring thimble back on to second finger-tip. Then bring hand out and show to audience. Pretend to drop into hat. Release fourth thimble from left hand.

6 - Produce from ear. Pretend to place thimble in mouth. Place tongue in left cheek to give appearance of thimble inside. Pretend to blow thimble into hat. Thimble is, of course, Thumb Palmed in right hand, and you drop a fifth thimble into hat from left hand.

7 - Catch thimble from the air, producing it on right forefinger. Pretend to throw it high into air. Reach out with hat, supposedly catching it. Release sixth thimble from left hand.

8 - Catch thimble from air again. Pretend to throw into hat. Drop seventh thimble from left hand.

9 - Place right hand at nose. Pretend to blow thimble into hat held underneath. This time allow thimble to fall from right hand into hat. Reach into hat and remove one thimble on right forefinger. Look at it, then pretend to throw it back into hat. In reality, Thumb Palm it, and drop eighth thimble into hat from left hand.

10 - Produce thimble from under side of hat. Pretend to drop into hat. Release ninth thimble from left hand.

11 - Produce from under hat again and supposedly throw into hat. Drop tenth thimble into hat from left hand. You now have one thimble in right hand and one remaining in left.

12 - Produce thimble from behind right knee and pretend to throw it into hat. Drop eleventh and last thimble from left hand.

13 - Reach up as high as you can, standing on your tiptoes and pretend to catch a thimble from the air on right forefinger. Outstretched body gives good effect. Drop twelfth thimble into hat from right hand.

14 - Remove saucer from hat with thimbles on it. Pour thimbles back into hat or into glass on table to show them to audience.

Thimble catching may be elaborated by having holders with thimbles placed at various parts of body. You may place them in this way—one in vest pocket; one in holder under front edge of vest between second and third button-holes; one under right lower edge of vest; one under left lower edge of vest; one in holder under right coat lapel; one in holder under bottom edge of left trouser's leg.

Make your performance of Thimble Productions SNAPPY and put a lot of PEP into the effects.

The method is the same as the one used in vanishing a cigarette in a Thumb Tip. See Lesson 2. The bare hand vanish for the thimble is good. Figure 120 shows how thimble fits into Thumb Tip.

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