To Perform

Lift lid by front edge and show inside of it. Be careful not to lift load above top of lantern. The thread connecting lid and load will not be visible, Figure 58.

Replace lid, then lift up whole lantern and show all sides of it.

Lift rear side of lid, drawing load up behind it, Figure 59.

Place lid against chair with load concealed, or give to assistant to hold. Show lantern empty, Figure 60. If lantern has bottom, push bottom in and fold lantern up flat to show that there is nothing in it, See Figure 50.

Open lantern again and place bottom in position. Replace lantern on chair seat. Pick up top and place front edge down on lantern first, allowing load to fall into lantern and then dropping rear edge. Release snap fastener, permitting load to sink down on to bottom of lantern.

Reach up with right hand into the air. Pretend to grasp something and toss it toward lantern. Repeat this motion again.

Remove top of lantern and place against chair. Unpin black silk around load quickly. Tuck silk down or remove it and place over back of chair.

Now reach in and grasp top lantern by handle. Pull it out, pushing projecting cardboard at bottom against big lantern to open it. Figure 61.

Have cord stretched across stage on which to hang lanterns. Or even more effective, have assistant carry a bamboo pole over his shoulder. As you produce

the lanterns, hang three on one end of pole, have assistant turn and hang three lanterns on other end.

After lanterns are produced, reach in and take out the silks one at a time. Open them out wide and place them over back of chair.

Take out end of paper ribbon in center of roll while roll is still inside of lantern, Figure 62.

Put your wand through center of roll and unwind ribbon by rolling it around in a large circle on your wand. This is very effective, Figure 63.

This ribbon may be placed over back of chair. If you produce a rabbit as a finish, gather up the silks and mass of ribbon and with it the rabbit bag and rabbit. Produce the rabbit.

If you are producing a large silk for a final flash, let the paper ribbon drop to floor and pick up the silks from back of chair with large silk from behind chair. Give assistant the silk to open up or drop other silks and open large one yourself.

The lantern is easily prepared and makes a flashy production when properly dressed. It utilizes a principle which we have discussed before. It is one of the most valuable loading principles to know.

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