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After you have performed an experiment in which a little girl from audience assisted you, pick up a silk handkerchief and cause it to vanish. You might pretend to place it in your pocket and have girl see your movements, only to show her that silk is still in your left hand. Then really vanish silk.

Take little girl down into audience and stop near a man sitting on the aisle to your left.

"Pardon me, sir, but I believe you are sitting on the red silk handkerchief."

You use this merely as a ruse to get gentleman to stand up.

"I thought sure that you were hiding the handkerchief. Ruth, maybe you can find it."

Have spectator sitting back of man standing get into aisle or move over so that Ruth can stand up in his chair.

"It may be, sir, that the silk walked up under your coat. Ruth, reach down the gentleman's coat collar and see whether you can find the silk."

As she reaches down, grasp gentleman's left coat lapel with your left hand and get him to face you. Come up close to him as though you want to assist girl in finding silk.

Figure 38 is a view from your right side.

Raise your left arm up about shoulder height.

Gentleman Vest Sit The Chair
Figure 39 shows a view from your left side.

Reach under your vest with right hand and remove bundle of silks. You will find that your coat covers your movements on left side and spectator's coat covers them on right, Figure 40.

Your right hand goes up under spectator's coat to back with bundle of silks. You can make this load with

people all around you without fear of detection. Do it rather quickly without any hesitation, Figure 41.

Push up end of red silk with right hand so that Ruth can find it, or else start pulling silk out of coat collar with left hand yourself, Figure 42, next page.

Let Ruth draw red silk out of spectator's coat collar. She will discover more silks and keep on pulling them out, Figure 43.

"Keep pulling, Ruth, keep pulling."

As she pulls silks, step up close to gentleman again as though to help Ruth with silks. Have your body

clone to his and a little to the left. Grasp his left coat lapel with your left hand as before, Figure 44.

Grasp rabbit by ears with right hand and get him out of rabbit pocket under cover of your coat and that of spectator. Push rabbit up under gentleman's coat to the back, Figure 45.

As silks are withdrawn, push rabbit up near coat collar to make coat bulge, Figure 46. "Look, Ruth, you forgot something."

Allow Ruth to reach down and grasp rabbit by the ears to bring him out, or you can take him out with your left hand.

NOTE: In this method of loading, your coat screens your movements on left side from audience and gentleman's coat screens them on right side. Your coat and raised left arm screens movements from spectator you are working with.

You may produce silks and rabbit without aid of little girl by pulling silks out yourself and then loading in the rabbit while pretending to have missed something.

A guinea pig, because of its small size, is good for use in this production.

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