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Prepared envelope is in pocket, and banana and cards are on table.

If using this effect to follow the preceding experiment in this lesson, you can start your patter in this way:

"I shall explain just how the card disappeared from the gentleman's hand and got over into the orange. First, I must have a BANANA."

Pick up banana.

Or if you are using this experiment without the Card Production from the Orange, you can begin in this way:

"In far-away Bermuda, many miles from Shanghai, lived an old Oriental conjurer who performed an odd effect called 'The Mystery of Three Oranges.' To perform this odd mystery you must first have a BANANA."

Pick up the banana.

"Because of the banana, the effect is called 'The Mystery of Three Oranges.' I shall ask my good friend here to act as guardian over this banana -- to examine it carefully and then to hold it up so that all may see it."

Give banana to spectator.

Pick up deck of cards. The Four of Hearts is on top. Fan cards to show that it is a regular deck.

Insert little finger at about the middle of deck and make the REGULAR PASS, thus bringing the Four of Hearts to the middle. Make the JOG to keep track of this card.

To another spectator:

"Kindly select one of the cards."

FORCE the Four of Hearts.

"Thank you. Look at the card, remember it, and if you care to, show it to a few people around you."

Count (but not aloud) the five Court Cards from the top of the deck. Place the deck on table.

Fan the cards in your right hand. Turn your right side toward audience so that your right hand is over at the left side.

"These five cards are called the Five Wise Men of Bermuda. Will you, please, place the card you selected among the Five Wise Men of Bermuda?"

Hold the five cards out fan shape, faces up, and have spectator place the card in with the rest, also face up.

Separate cards into two parts with selected card on the bottom of right-hand cards. Then place cards in left hand on top of the others. This brings the selected card on the bottom of the little pack of cards. (Same moves as in Lesson 9, Figures 23 and 24.)

Square up cards and hold them in left hand, faces toward audience.

"The card was the Four of Hearts, I believe. A Four Spot among five wise men."

Hold cards in left hand. Figure 29, A.

Place fingers of right hand in back of cards and thumb in front. Figure 29, B.

With right hand pull down first card, holding it between thumb and first and second fingers. Now reach up again. Allow this first card to come behind the rest in the left hand, and then pull down the next card. Continue

in the same way to count two more cards. Fig. 30. As you pull down each card, say: "One wise man -- two wise men -- three wise men -- four wise men..."

When counting the fifth card, take the last two -- a court card and the Four of Hearts -- as one. As you put it on the rest of the cards that have been counted, grip it with right thumb. Bend upper edge forward a little with third finger of left hand. When it is in place, remove finger and let card snap down on the others. This snap is used to show that it is one card. (This is the SELF-CONTAINED CARD VANISH: Lesson 12, Figure 30.) Figure 31.

"Five wise men -- but no Four of Hearts.

Oh, where is my wandering card tonight?

Hunting bananas in the bright moonlight.

From college to a banana stand. Please, sir, peel the banana and break it apart, and you will find the Four of Hearts."

Lay cards down on table.

Turn to spectator and say,

"Now, if you will please give me! the card "

Of course, there will be no card forthcoming, for there is no card in the banana.

"No card? The card isn't in the banana? What did you do, hide it? I guess the joke is on me. Oh, well, never mind."

Reach into inside coat pocket and remove prepared double envelope. Take out the letter you have inside and put it down. It appears that you have an ordinary envelope from which you merely discarded the letter so that you could use it. Do not disturb the Devil's letter and card in the other section of the envelope.

"That is the first time I ever had that effect go wrong. I shall drop a card to the Devil and see what is the matter."

Take yellow card from pocket. Open envelope with tips of right fingers, pushing middle partition over against Devil's letter so that it is concealed. Bulge the envelope open and show it empty. Place yellow card therein. Figure 32.

Make it evident without saying anything that the envelope is empty and that only the yellow card is going into it.

"This card contains a special message when things go wrong. I'll just mail it to His Royal Highness."

Hold envelope in right hand with the open end up.

"Ah, we have an answer already."

Open envelope, this time pushing partition over against yellow card to conceal it and to expose the red tissue paper letter.

Reach in and remove the Devil's letter and the prepared card. Show envelope empty to prove that yellow card has disappeared. Drop envelope on table, opening to rear.

Open the tissue paper letter, letting the audience see the letter-head from the Devil.

"A letter from the Devil.

Sorry I had to disappoint you, (etc.)'"

You can put a great deal of humor into the letter by putting some local touches in it which will strike home with the audience.

"Well, that's that. Anyway, the card came back."

Place Devil's letter on table.

Hold the card up so that all can see it. Figure 33

"That was your card, was it not -- the Five of Hearts?"

Spectator, of course, denies it.

"It was the Four of Hearts? Oh, well -- what's a spot between friends?"

With second finger of right hand, snap off the center pip which is pasted on with wax or soap. Figure 34.

Be sure to hold the card so that all can see you snap the pip off.

This is the CLIMAX of your effect.

Herein is involved a feature of Showmanship which sometimes means great success with an effect. It is used when a performer encounters an unexpected difficulty and works his way out to a satisfactory ending.

In vaudeville acrobats or jugglers will sometimes fail on a trick on purpose to bring home to the audience the extreme difficulty of performing the trick. Then when they finish it right, they are greeted with an outburst of applause.

All the little features of Showmanship must be studied carefully and must be learned through experience to get from an effect the best that is in it.

Another comedy effect with fruit and cards which makes a hit. The beauty of this experiment is that in the preparation for it you accomplish the effect so that you may work very close to your spectators without danger of being detected. An excellent effect for parlor, club, or stage work.

A banana is passed out for examination and given to a spectator to hold. From a cloth bag containing little cards numbered one to ten, another spectator draws a number. Performer peels the banana and it is found that the Inside of the banana has cut itself into the same number of pieces that the number drawn calls for.

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