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Start with this patter:

"Siberia has been known for years for its harsh prison system. Men were put in chains there, especially during the reign of the czars. This chain is known as the Siberian Transport Chain. It was placed around a prisoner's wrist or wrists to render him helpless. I will place it on you, sir, to show you."

Put end C of chain through ring A and place spectator's right hand through loop in chain. Bring loop up to his wrist so that ring A is on top of wrist with thumb of hand held upward, Figure 19.

"The rings are in the chain for a purpose. If there was an inclination on the part of the prisoner to pull away, the link of chain in the ring would cut into the flesh and cause great pain."

Pull down on chain a little to show how link digs into wrist. Spectator makes a wry face.

"I will not pull very hard, sir. I do this just to show how securely one can be held. I could pull you along with only one hand."

Remove chain from spectator's hand. Place it on your own right hand in same position, so that ring A is on top of wrist joint and ring B is outside of wrist to the right. End C of chain is toward left hand. Keep chain tight. Figure 20 is a diagram of arrangement of chain over right wrist in a view from audience.

1 — A Siberian Chain, which is a chain especially prepared with two rings.

2 — A small padlock which will easily slip through links of chain.

3 — A rather large handkerchief, preferably opaque.

"You will note how securely the chain binds the wrist. If the wrist were slipped back, the link in the ring would cause great pain. I shall ask you, sir, to tie the chain around my other wrist also."

Have spectator bring end C of chain down under left wrist and upward again, Figure 21.

Have him bring chain across top of both wrists to the right and put end C through ring B and bring it upward again, Figure 22.

Chain is then pulled tight across top of wrists and padlock is put through last link of end C and around rest of chain on wrists. Position of padlock will vary with size of wrists, Figure 23.

This tie looks very secure as links seem to cut into flesh they are so tight.

"This is one of the strongest chain ties known. Not only are the wrists bound securely together, but they are also bound separately beforehand to make them doubly secure. Were I to bind you in such a manner, you would remain this way until the lock were opened or the chain filed off. Will you, sir, please take the handkerchief from the table and throw it over my wrists and hands?"

Handkerchief is thrown over wrists and hands to conceal method of release.

You may remain standing or sit down and pretend to go into a trance. Without much movement, raise left hand a little. This gives slack in the chain, enabling you to release first your left hand and then your right. Suddenly let chain fall to floor.

Remove handkerchief, show hands free, and give chain out for inspection.

Should it ever be advisable to place the chain on the wrists of a suspicious spectator, you can do so in a manner which will not permit him to escape.

Place chain on his right wrist. Be sure that ring A is at the bottom and inside of wrist instead of at the top. Bring end C of chain through ring A toward the left, Figure 24.

Have him place left wrist on chain. Bring chain up around left wrist and across top of wrists to ring B. Put chain through this ring and bring it back as far as it will go and padlock, Figure 25.

The placing of this chain is similar enough to the way in which you bound your wrists not to arouse suspicion, yet there is not enough slack in this method to allow escape.

We can supply you with Siberian Chains complete with rings, locks and keys.

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Fundamentals of Magick

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