To Perform

Have the box in the center of stage.

The table frames are at side of stage in readiness. On a chair or in care of assistant are four twelve-foot lengths of clothesline and the four wooden pegs.

The assistant has a sharp safety razor blade of the Gem or Ever-Ready type in his vest, upper trousers or coat pocket that he can get at handily and yet not cut himself doing so.

The girl assistant has a similar blade concealed in the upper part of her trunks. A special picket can be made for this blade so as to carry it and get at it safely. The pocket might be leather-lined, or at least of very substantial material.

It might also be well for girl to carry a very small flashlight concealed on her person.

By having air holes in bottom of box and properly lighted stage, she might get enough light to see what she is doing inside box, or even by feeling. But a flashlight might be handy for some assistants if properly used. But care must be taken that light does not show through holes through which ropes go. Just a flash here and there may help in freeing herself from the ropes.

You come forward.

"Ladies and gentlemen, I take pleasure in presenting to you one of the really ingenious mysteries of magic somewhat in the nature of a surgical operation and one which has baffled doctors, scientists and students of biology, physiology and anatomy time and time again. The experiment is so unusual that you will remember it for many years to come.

"In order that you might see the experiment properly presented, I am going to ask a number of serious-minded people to come upon the stage, such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, business men.

"This is a serious experiment and I must have serious-minded people. I would rather at this time have no children, but rather older people who will stand ready to help me, particularly should any emergency occur. I would appreciate it if a physician and surgeon would aid me. Will eight or nine good people come up to assist me?"

Have spectators who volunteer to assist you come up on stage and have plenty of chairs so each can be seated, say four or five on each side of the stage. Do not have children come up. Should any come forward, you can have them sit down again, with a bit of diplomacy.

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