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Insert little finger of left hand under the Queen of the prepared cards. Perform the PASS, thus bringing the King and Queen from "Top" of deck to the center and the faked King and Queen to the bottom of deck. Make the JOG in preparation for forcing.

FORCE the King of Clubs on one spectator and the Queen of Diamonds on another.

Allow three more spectators free choice of a card each.

Perform the PASS again, bringing the prepared King and Queen on the "Bottom" to the center of deck. Reverse deck so that stapled ends are toward audience. Cover end of cards with right fingers to prevent audience from seeing the space between prepared cards.

Collect cards one at a time in reverse order from which they were selected, that is, the last one first and the King and Queen last. As you collect each card, you return it to the deck in this manner:

Hold deck with A end upward, cards facing audience. Take card from spectator with right hand and place it in deck, between the two prepared cards. Figure 5.

Push card down with right fingers. This, of course, forces the rubber band down between the two prepared cards and is around D edge of the selected card. Figure 6.

Collect the next card and place it in deck on "top" of card just placed there. You will have no difficulty in finding this place in the deck. Then collect the third selected card and place on "top" of second, and finally collect the Queen and the King and place them on "top" of the other selected cards. All five selected cards are now between the two prepared cards. Figure 7.

Hold pack of cards firmly gripped in left hand with forefinger over top edge to keep selected cards from being pushed out.

"Some time ago I discovered something peculiar about the relationship between cards and people. It seems that when a card is held for a few moments by a spectator, it absorbs a certain magnetism which causes it either to get lighter or to separate itself from the others by the power of friction. For instance, here is one rising up now and separating itself from the others."

Hold deck as in Figure 8. Have little finger at bottom of deck to keep cards under influence of rubber band from coming out at bottom. Grip deck on one side with thumb and other side with fingers of left hand.

Fifa S

Gradually release your pressure on deck. This causes the rubber band to force the selected cards upward. Allow all five selected cards to rise up as one card. As cards are held squarely with faces toward audience, spectators are not aware that there are really five cards before them rising up out of the deck instead of one.

Permit cards to rise up just a little beyond half their length. Now study this move carefully, in which you remove the front card without letting audience suspect that there are other cards behind it.

Grasp upper edge of front card with first finger and thumb of right hand. Place left forefinger on upper edge of four cards in rear. Pull top edge of first card forward a little and pull it up with right hand. As you do this push the rear cards down into deck with left forefinger. Be sure little finger of left hand holds bottom of deck securely. Figures 9 and 10.

As you remove card from deck, call it by name: "The Three of Clubs" (or whatever card it may be).

Drop card on table or place it on front of deck.

Release pressure of fingers again and let the next card rise with the other three behind it. Remove the front card and push down the rear three as before. Call the card.

"The Ace of Spades" (or whatever card it may be).

Allow next card to rise with the other two behind it. Remove this card and force other two back into deck. Call card.

"The Ten of Hearts" (or whatever card it may be).

Now reverse deck. Release pressure again. The selected King and Queen, now under the rubber band, push up the prepared King and Queen and cause them to rise up from the deck. With a little practice you can cause the King to rise up first by releasing pressure on that card first. Figure 11.

Then the Queen rises up also.

"And the Queen! Either he is hiding behind the Queen's skirts or else she will not let him go out alone."

Remove the King and Queen, holding the right thumb over staple and rubber band. Fan cards a little and show them to audience. Figure 12.

Place these prepared cards on front of deck and then fan whole deck in right hand.

If you wish to continue using the deck after this effect. lay the selected cards on the table as they rise. Then when the King and Queen are out, the deck can be handled freely and can even be given to spectators to examine as the apparatus is gone.

There are a number of interesting ways to handle the Queen and King. You can control their rising by means of the first fingers of either hand, allowing one to rise and pushing the other down and vice versa. This gives you an opportunity for comedy patter to put your effect across with a bang. You may let the Queen rise up about an inch and then allow the King to shoot up behind it. The King can always be kept down until ready by means of the left forefinger.

Be prepared with patter no matter how they arise. If King comes up and Queen does not, reach in and pull out Queen, and removing both cards from deck say, "Ah, running away from the Queen, eh?"

Performer fans a deck of cards and divides it into two halves, giving one-half to a spectator. Spectator is requested to remove any card from his section of the deck and place it among those held by the performer. Two other spectators, likewise, select cards and return them to section held by magician. All the cards are now placed in the card case and it is shown freely. On magician's command, the selected cards arise one at a time. You may permit spectators to remove cards themselves to prove to them that cards arise from center of deck.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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