To Perform

Come forward and pick up the two glass tumblers from the table. Show glasses to be empty.

From your right coat pocket take five coins and count them, one at a time, into the left glass. As you do this, turn your left side away from audience.

Reach into left pocket with left hand and take out the coin on the thread. Finger Palm this coin, curling your fingers a little to conceal coin. Figure 60.

Pick up glass with coins between thumb and first finger of left hand. You will have no difficulty in doing this with coin Finger-Palmed in hand. Pour coins into empty right hand, then set glass down with right hand.

Drop coins into left hand on top of the threaded coin. Place them all at base of first finger and hold in place with left thumb. Figure 61.

Remove top coin. Curl second, third, and fourth fingers of left hand inward and place coin in Curled

Finger Tip Palm position (Lesson 21, Figure 10). Do this quickly with the aid of your right hand, also using it as a screen. Figure 62.

Pick up empty glass at right-hand side. Hold it near the bottom between thumb and first finger of right hand. Show palm of hand freely. Figure 63.

"I use this glass so that you can see through it."

Talk to people on right as you say this and show the glass. Now turn toward left and, as you do so, perform a CHANGE OVER in this way: Place right hand, back toward audience, with glass in front of left hand. Under cover of this screen, straighten second and third fingers of left hand with coin and force coin into the palm of right hand. Palm coin in regular manner, gripping it by its edges. Figure 64.

Right hand continues in its movement to the left without a pause, and the audience is not aware that you have done anything unusual with it. Now say to the people on the left,

"That is, you can see through the glass, and NOT the trick."

Swing back to front. Now grip middle of glass with left thumb and forefinger and raise right hand to position shown in Figure 65.

This brings the palmed coin up above the glass.

Release hold on glass with left hand and bring glass over to your right side. Keep back of right hand toward audience.

"As I said once before, I have five coins. I shall count them again, one at a time, into the glass. One-two-three-four - five."

Count the coins out of your left hand, dropping the threaded one last as the fifth coin into the glass. Thread comes up over top of glass on side nearest you.

Pick up glass with left hand over the top of it, getting thread between second and third fingers. Let thread fall over back of hand to bottom edge of sleeve. Figure 66.

Glass must be held at such distance from the body to allow enough slack in thread so that coin will remain at the bottom.

Hold the two glasses about three feet apart in position shown in Figure 57.

"Now, watch. Five coins in this glass and none in the one over here. I'll pass one across. One - two - three,

Shake the left-hand glass up and then down for a few inches. At the same time, move the glass far enough from the body to make the thread taut and to pull the threaded coin up into Finger Palm position. Keep thread taut to hold coin in position. Figure 67.

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Turn and look at right-hand glass. Let the Palmed coin fall from right hand into glass. The effect is, of course, that one coin has gone from the glass on the left to the one on the right.

Set right-hand glass on table and reach over, taking left-hand glass at the middle with right hand. Move left hand from top of glass to bottom, now holding it between thumb and first finger. Hold threaded coin firmly in Finger Palm grip. Now pour coins into right hand.

Set glass on table and count coins, one at a time, into left hand again on top of threaded coin. Be sure to conceal this coin until it is covered with another.

"One - two - three - four. One coin has passed over into the other glass."

Under cover of right hand, adjust the coins as you did before, placing one in Curled Finger Tip Palm position. Pick up right-hand glass.

"If this glass were made of tin, you couldn't have seen the half dollar pass over."

Perform the CHANGE OVER now by bringing glass in front of left hand and forcing coin into palm of right hand.

"That's the advantage of glass."

Bring glass back to right side and hold ready to release coin from palm of hand.

Drop coins, one at a time, from left hand into other glass. The threaded coin goes in last as the fourth coin.

Show left hand empty. Bring thread up through fingers again and pick up glass at top.

"It's funny what happens when I talk to the coins in Persian. Alley - oop!"

Shake glass up and down. drawing thread taut and thus getting threaded coin into Finger Palm position again in left hand. Look at right-hand glass and let palmed coin fall into glass from right hand.

"Another coin has passed over."

Set right-hand glass on table, then pour coins into right hand as before. Set left-hand glass on table and count the three coins into left hand, placing coins on top of threaded one.

Under cover of right hand, push the uppermost coin into Curled Finger Tip Palm position and then force it into Palm position in right hand. Let right hand drop to side as you count the three coins in left hand into the left-hand glass again.

Pick up glass in left hand again as before, with thread adjusted. Then pick up right glass.

"In case I should forget how to talk Persian, I have learned how to talk Chinese to the coins. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?"

Shake glass up and down, drawing thread taut and forcing coin into left hand. Then let palmed coin fall from right hand into glass.

"There goes another. If you look close enough, you can see them jump over."

Repeat routine of pouring coins from left glass into right hand and then counting them back into left hand.

Do the CHANGE OVER and palm top coin in right hand as before. Count the TWO coins in left hand into glass. Then pick up left glass with thread in position and right glass in right hand.

"Parley voo Fransay?"

Shake glass and coin comes up into left hand.

Drop coin from right hand into right glass.

"So that leaves us with ONE coin in this glass."

Pour the one coin into right hand. Hold coin up at finger tips as in Figure 67A. Set glass on table. Pretend to take coin with left hand. When it is screened with left hand, let it fall into Palm position in right hand. Figure 67B.

Carry left hand away as though holding coin. Then open hand and show threaded coin. The audience, of course, thinks that this is the coin which you took out of the glass.

"I shall drop the last coin into the glass."

Drop threaded coin into left-hand glass with thread in position between fingers. Pick up right-hand glass with right hand.

"Now watch the last coin closely. Alley - oop!"

Shake glass and cause coin to come up into hand, leaving the glass empty. "Alley - ga - zam!"

Let coin fall from right hand into right glass.

Set right-hand glass on table, then show left-hand glass empty and set it also on table. "Traveling this way is better than street cars."

Pick up right-hand glass and pour coins into empty glass. As you do this, turn right side toward audience. This gives you a chance to drop threaded coin into left coat pocket and thus dispose of the evidence.

NOTE: For closer work, a human hair may be used instead of the thread. Experiment with a long hair, graciously given to you by some lady friend who still retains her long tresses.

An especially good effect for close work and entirely impromptu so that you may perform it at the dinner table, at your club, or while entertaining at a party.

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