To Perform

Have spectators clasp hands and place their feet against each other.

Place tambourine, bell, megaphone, musical instrument, etc., on a chair in front of you so that you can grasp them easily.

Sit down, placing a hand on each knee. Then reach over and clasp right hand of spectator at left with your left hand. Place his hand with yours on your left knee. Have spectator at right grasp your right arm above the wrist with his left hand, Figure 8.

Have light turned out. Then say to spectator at your right:

"Pardon me just a moment until I get my handkerchief."

Have spectator release grip on your right wrist. Reach for your pocket handkerchief, blow your nose, and place handkerchief in pocket again. As you do this, bring your left leg up on your right, crossing your knees. Tell spectator at right to hold your wrist again. In the dark, he grasps your left wrist or forearm, thinking it is the right one. If he should feel your leg accidentally, he will think it is the right one as it is nearer to him, Figure 9.

Your right hand is now free to carry on the séance. Produce the phenomena as you did in the table séance, jingling the tambourine, ringing the bell, picking up the megaphone and talking through it in "spirit voices.", Finally place megaphone on head, Figure 10.

Now you must get arms back into first position. Ask spectator at your right to hold you lightly. Suddenly jerk your left arm away from right spectator's hand and quickly slip right arm in its place. Uncross legs and replace right hand on right knee.

"Do not let loose. Hold on even though the forces tend to pull away."

Spectator at right grasps your right wrist again. To him it seems as though his hold on the arm was released by accident just for an instant. Your moves here must be done very quickly.

"I feel the spirit forces jerking forcibly at times, so hold tight now. I shall direct the forces on to some object. It is being lifted slowly off the chair, it is floating about the room, it is drawing back a bit again, now up and around high in the room. I shall direct more force into it, then suddenly withdraw it. Watch."

Suddenly throw your head forward or backward. The megaphone goes up into the air and then falls to the floor.

"The forces have left and it has been hurled downward to the floor. Hold tight until the lights are turned on."

Direct a spectator to break the circle and turn on the light, but be sure other spectators remain in place to see that your hands are securely held.

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