To Perform

Bring filled lota forward.

Pour water from tube in lota into pail. To do this, turn opening of bowl toward audience and then down. Turn bowl upright and then down again as though to empty last few drops forcefully. As you do this, be sure to keep thumb or finger over air hole at upper edge of lota, Figure 91.

Now hold lota in left hand, releasing finger from air hole and bring lota to upright position again. Water will flow from secret compartment into tube until the level is equalized.

Look up into air and make a gesture upward.

"Water up high -- clouds, rain. Water, too, in ears (point to ear) -- eyes (point to eyes) -- elbows" (show elbow).

Bend head over to right side and hold lota up to ear with both hands. Hold position for a few moments, Figure 92.

"Ear, much water."

Empty lota into pail, shaking it dry. Bring it upright again and water will flow into tube from secret compartment.

Now bend head forward and hold lota up to eyes for a few moments, Figure 93.

"Water from eyes."

Pour water into pail, then bring upright and water will again flow into tube.

This time place lota against bared elbow and hold for a few moments.

"Water from elbow."

Pour water from lota into pail.

Each time there is less water to pour out, but you can continue the production of water as long as it makes a good showing.

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