To Perform

Pick up newspaper from plate with left hand, thumb in front and fingers in back to hold silks, Figure 26, next page.

Unfold newspaper to show inside, proving to audience that you hold just an ordinary newspaper. Be careful to conceal back of paper with silks, Figure 27.

Fold paper up again. Pick up plate in right hand and show both sides of it. Now place plate in left hand with top against paper, Figure 28.

Brush right hand across seat of chair to show there is nothing on it.

Grasp bottom of newspaper with right hand and remove it from left, leaving the silks and plate in left hand, Figure 29.

Figure 30 is view away from audience. It is very easy for you to slip silks from newspaper with fingers of left hand as you draw paper away with right. Silks are now inside of plate.

Place newspaper on chair-seat and on this, place the plate, top down. Be very careful in placing plate down not to expose the silks. Put edge toward audience down first and this will conceal silks. Figure 31.

Now pick up the two duplicate silks and concealed Handkerchief Ball. Hang Ball on right thumb. Hold silks by corner as in Figure 4. Bring hands together and then expose palms as in Figure 9. Bring hands back to position shown in Figure 7 and then tuck silks into Ball as in Figure 5. When silks are in Ball, continue the first part of vanish up to Figure 10, then return to position of Figure 7.

Figure 32 shows your position as you vanish the silks.

Pick up plate with left hand, showing the sudden appearance of the silks under the plate on newspaper. Figure 33, next page.

Pick up silks, one at a time, with right hand. Dispose of Ball by concealing it in the silks and placing them on table or reach for some article in your pocket and leave Ball there.

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