To Perform

Pick up both slates. Remove the upper one with right hand and hold the other with left hand, keeping flap in place with left thumb, Figure 27.

"For this experiment, I use two blank school slates. And I number each one of the sides."

Place unprepared slate in right hand down on table. Pick up chalk and draw figure 1 in center of flap of other slate as you did previously on the slate itself. Audience believes you are writing the figure 1 on slate, Figure 28.

Turn slate over, holding flap in place, and make the figure 2 on other side.

Place slate on table, flap side down and on the newspaper pieces, near edge of table. Pick up other slate and make a 3 on one side.


Turn slate over and make a 4.

"And four."

Pick up first slate, leaving flap on table. As flap has newspaper backing, it is not noticed on other pieces of newspaper. Keep written side down and place this slate on other one. Figure 2 is on top and message is now between two of the slates.

"I shall ask you, sir, to tie these slates together with

Hand tape to spectator and have him tie slates together, Figure 29.

"Now you may hold them for a while. Please hold them up so that everybody can see the slates all the time."

Say to another spectator:

"Have you ever been interested in spirit writing, sir? Have you ever communicated with the spirits ~ the spirit of some departed friend? Perhaps there is some question that you would like to ask and have one of the departed answer for you. I want you to ask a question in your own mind. You need not say it aloud. Just think of it. Have you done so? Concentrate on it for a moment."

Say to spectator holding slates:

"Do you feel any peculiar sensation in the slates -- a sort of trembling? I believe you are a psychic yourself. Would you mind opening the slates now? Remove the tape and open them up."

Spectator does as requested. Pick up the slate with the message on it and show to audience.

"The spirits have written, 'Cannot answer in public.' Perhaps 'tis just as well for many things are better left unanswered."

NOTE: If you have three or four question marks on slate, say, "I'm afraid you have even the dear departed brothers guessing."

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