To Perform

Ask gentleman to come up to stage and have him stand with his back to back of chair. With your left hand lift bag from chair, Figure 50.

For MISDIRECTION, have spectator hold some object or give him a few cards to count. You may count cards with him or move him around a little apparently to get him into proper position with the object he holds. Move him forward a little from chair and bring bag in left hand up behind his back, Figure 51.

Have spectator reach into left trouser's pocket to see whether it is empty. As he does so, bring bag down

and get thumb under bottom edge of his coat, lifting it up a little, Figure 52.

With your right hand reach under right side of gentleman's coat and grasp bag in right hand, pulling it up on his back under coat, Figure 53.

Turn him by pulling him toward you so that audience can see lump on his back. With right hand reach up under his coat to get hand under bag. With left hand reach down under coat collar, Figure 54.

Open bag and let chicken come out part way, Figure 55.

Keep left hand on chicken and with right hand get rid of bag by putting it into bat wing pocket on your left side. Get gentleman to move down toward audience to cover this move and then take chicken out as he goes down stage.

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