Left Hand Handkerchief

Have glass, egg, and large handkerchief on table. Place table at your left and a little in front of you. If you are using silk handkerchief, have it handy. Otherwise, borrow a handkerchief from lady in the audience.

Pick up the egg and hold it in right finger-tips so that audience can see it.

"Old King Cole was a merry old soul, And a happy old egg was he--."

Pick up glass with left hand and show freely. Place egg inside glass, holding glass at upper edge with thumb and fingertips. Shake glass a little.

"Maybe, that's why he lived in a Crystal Palace. See, the King is at home now."

Pick up large handkerchief and spread it over left hand, taking glass in right hand.

"The next scene is the King under cover."

Show handkerchief with palm of left hand under it turned to audience. Then show right hand with glass and egg. Now bring glass directly in front of you and handkerchief on left hand in front of glass to conceal it from audience. Figure 1 is view towards yourself and away from audience.

When glass is completely screened by handkerchief, turn bottom of it up toward the left until glass is upside down. You will have no difficulty in doing this quickly without dropping egg out. Just move your hand and wrist and keep arm as still as possible so that nothing will be noticed by audience, Figure 2.

Cover glass with handkerchief from left hand. To the audience it appears that you merely covered the upright glass with the handkerchief. They do not suspect that glass is upside down, Figure 3.

Grasp glass and handkerchief at the top with left hand. Allow egg to slide down into right palm and hold it in place by curling second, third, and fourth fingers around egg and pushing it against base of thumb. Remove right hand from under handkerchief, back to audience, Figure 4.

"Now, we'll set the King's palace down by the wayside."

Place glass on table and let handkerchief drape itself down over it. Top of glass (really the bottom) should be allowed to show plainly under the handkerchief.

Pick up the borrowed handkerchief or silk and hold by two corners as shown in illustration. Keep back of right hand well toward audience, Figure 5.

"Pardon me, but did I hear some genial friend say, 'Where's the Queen?' Well "

Allow handkerchief to hang by corner from left hand. Grasp center of it with right fingers and release left hand. Then place left hand around middle of handkerchief as shown in Figure 6.

Remove right hand from handkerchief and point at it with right index finger, Figure 7.

"There's the Queen."

Turn right side slightly toward audience. Bring right hand up to left and a little in front of it, Figure 8.

Push egg into palm of left hand against the handkerchief and hold it in place with tips of left fingers, Figure 9.

Swing hands toward right so that back of left hand is toward audience. Move right hand up to grasp handkerchief at top again as in Figure 6. Study your movements so that they will be done smoothly and without hesitation. It must appear to the audience that you merely reached over with right hand to grasp center of handkerchief sticking up at top.

Pull handkerchief up and clear of left hand, leaving egg behind in palm of left hand, Figure 10.

"Some Queen."

Raise fingers of right hand to show palm of hand. This is done to show that hand is empty without saying that it is.

Now bring right hand with handkerchief up to left hand. Swing hands to left so that back of right hand is turned to audience, also your right side. "Now watch the queen."

With aid of finger-tips and thumb of left hand roll the handkerchief into the palm of right hand. Ball handkerchief up tight and push securely into right palm. Then curl second, third, and fourth fingers of right hand around handkerchief.

Keep back of left hand well to audience so that egg will not be visible, Figures 11 and 12.

Now bring egg up to tips of left fingers and raise hand away from right hand. Point at left with right index finger. Hold left hand up to show egg with palm of hand to audience. Keep back of right hand to audience so that handkerchief will not be visible, Figure 13.

Figure 14 shows how handkerchief is held in right hand. This view is towards yourself, back of hand is toward audience.

"No, you are watching the King!"

Show egg freely and place on table.

"Let us step over to the Crystal Palace."

Pick up glass with handkerchief over it from table. Hold it in left hand. Place right hand under glass and push handkerchief up inside, Figure 15.

Let glass rest on right hand, holding it secure with thumb and fingers. Grasp inner edge of handkerchief towards yourself with left hand, Figure 16.

"We'll remove the cover "

Lift up handkerchief so that it falls spread out from left hand and still screens glass. Turn bottom of glass toward the left and let glass come back to upright position. If you hold glass correctly by finger-tips, you will

have no difficulty in accomplishing this move quickly and easily so that no movement is apparent to audience, Figures 17 and 18.

The moment glass comes into upright position, move right hand to the right to show handkerchief in glass. Drop left hand with other handkerchief out of the way.

"And there's the Queen!"

Take glass in left hand. Remove handkerchief from it with right hand. Place glass on table. If using a borrowed handkerchief, return it.

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