To Perform

Pick up glass with left hand. Be sure to screen fluid in glass with fingers of hand. Pick up pitcher in right hand.

"It is customary with lecturers and Fourth of July orators to stop and pour themselves a glass of water to quench their blazing vocal cords."

Pour hypo solution from pitcher to fill glass about three-fourths full. Replace pitcher on table and place glass, presumably containing water, in full view of audience. If desired, glass may be placed by itself on small stand.

"Being neither lecturer nor orator, I can only use the glass of water for scientific experiments."

Go some distance away from glass and light a cigarette. Puff on cigarette and blow smoke towards glass. Repeat, Figure 2.

"For instance, I can show you the modern way of condensing smoke so that it can be sold in bottles. We used to smoke hams in a smoke-house, but now we just paint them with liquid smoke."

Water gets milky gradually as you blow smoke at it. The chemicals, of course, accomplish the effect, but it appears that the smoke you blow at glass gets into water and makes it smoky.

"Water has a natural affinity for smoke and like a magnet drawing steel draws smoke unto itself, condensing it and coloring the water. A friend once had the idea of drying snow and selling it for salt. Why not condense smoke and sell it for milk?"

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