To Perform

Riffle shuffle the deck, performing a FALSE SHUFFLE so that you do not disturb the 13 arranged cards on top of deck.

Spread pack on table for a distance of about 18 inches from end to end. Figure 21.

To spectator:

"When I turn my back. pick up any number of cards that you choose

Point to end L.

Spectator picks up a few cards from this end. Figure 22.

The arranged cards are all at the other end of deck.

"Have you picked them up? Now shuffle the cards in your hand."

Spectator shuffles cards.

"Square them up and keep the backs toward me. Notice the card that is facing you and remember it. Now just square up the cards on the table. Place the few cards you have in your hand on top of the deck and square them all up."

Spectator squares up cards in his hand, remembers the one facing him. Then he squares up the remainder of the pack and places the cards he picked up on top of the others. All this is done while you have your back turned. Figure 23.

When spectator is through, turn around and pick up the deck of cards.

"Let us see whether everyone understands what has been done. I shuffled a pack of cards, spread it out on the table. You picked up a few cards from this end -- (Point to end) I do not know how many. You remembered one of them, then squared up these cards and placed yours on top of them. That is correct, is it not?"

This gives you an opportunity to check up and see whether everything was done right.

Deal cards down on the table one at a time into a row of six, then under this another row of six. Begin laying down a third row, and as you do so, get a glimpse of the second card in this row as you lay it down. This is the 14th Card and is your Key Card. Figure 24.

The number of this 14th card tells you how many cards the spectator transferred from the bottom to the top of the pack and also tells you which card the spectator selected to remember.

Let us assume that the Key Card is a Six of Hearts. Six then is your cue number. The spectator transferred six cards and consequently the sixth card which you laid down is the selected card — this is the last card in the first row.


Spread the rest of the cards around everywhere -- just drop them helter skelter but do not fully cover the two Key Cards. You must not lose sight of them.

Place tips of right fingers on one Key Card and tips of left fingers on the other Key Card and shuffle all the cards around to make it appear that you are mixing them up thoroughly. In this way all the cards are mixed up except for the two Key Cards which you have under your fingers. Figure. 25.

Remove your fingers from the cards but REMEMBER WHERE YOU HAVE THE FOURTEENTH CARD AND WHERE YOU HAVE THE SIXTH so that you can spot them instantly.

"As one gentleman remarked. 'It is quite a mix-up.' Sir, have you magnetic hands?"

Have a spectator come around to side of table so that front view will not be obstructed. You must always

be careful to see that audience's view is good from every side.

Grasp gentleman's right arm at the wrist. Figure 26.

"Point your index finger out at the cards while I move your hand around. If you have magnetic fingers, you will attract some cards and repel others."

Move his hand slowly over the cards and finally hold it over the FOURTEENTH card. Hesitate a moment, then move it slightly away, then back again as though you were undecided. Then press his finger down on the card.

Pick up this card and show it.

To gentleman who transferred cards,

"You transferred six cards from one end of the pack to the other. Correct?"

Take gentleman's hand again and hover over the cards, finally pressing it down on the other Key Card. Lift up the card. It may be any card, but let us assume that it is the Jack of Hearts.

"The Jack of Hearts. That is the card you selected and remembered. Is that right? Correct!"

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