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Request a spectator to come up from audience to assist you.

"Many people give much credit to the supernatural, and it seems that in Magic much of the work is supernatural. However, it only appears to be supernatural. In reality it depends on natural laws. We may not understand the law at work, but it is functioning nevertheless. A hundred years ago if

. He rapidly passes solid hoops onto . He also passes his thumbs through

you were to have exhibited a radio and picked up messages from the air, you would have been considered supernatural and the messages would have been regarded as spirit voices. It seems incredible that waves can pass through solid objects, yet they do. An X-ray machine, for instance, sends its rays through the human body and makes objects visible through the solid body. Many years ago a famous Japanese magician discovered this law of the penetration of solid objects and demonstrated it to his audiences in a peculiar manner. With the assistance of this gentleman here I am going to show you how the Japanese worked."

Pick up the two prepared cords of pipe cleaners.

"These are wire cords covered with a cloth material so that they will not cut into the skin of my hands. Will you, sir, hold them a moment and examine them to make sure that they are merely wires wrapped together?"

Hand spectator one of the cords.

"Take one of the cords, sir, and wrap or bind my two thumbs together securely. Wire them together as tightly as you choose, without hurting me too much, of course."

Show hands, both sides, fingers spread wide apart.

Cross your thumbs — the left one over the right. Figure. 32. "I'll place my thumbs on the cord."

Have spectator hold cord so that you can place thumbs on it as shown in Figure 33.

"Now, bring the ends together at the top and wire them together tightly."

Spectator twists ends of cord together, thus tying the two thumbs securely together. Figure 34.

While spectator is wiring your thumbs you have an important move to make, unknown to him. You must get slack in the cord though to all appearances your thumbs are bound tight together. -——

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

Magick is the art and practice of moving natural energies to effect needed or wanted change. Magick is natural, there is absolutely nothing supernatural about it. What is taught here are various techniques of magick for beginners. Magick is natural and simple and the techniques to develop abilities should be simple and natural as well. What is taught on this site is not only the basics of magick, but the basics of many things.

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