To Indetectably Change One Glass For Another

This same principle can also be used for changing other objects. It is effective for placing certain borrowed objects in a glass then covering with a handkerchief and upon removing handkerchief the objects have vanished from glass.

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Place one glass on table in back of the left hand well. In the right hand well place a duplicate glass, see Figure 21. The left hand pocket should be just deep enough so that glass does not sink too far down and can be easily grasped at the right psychological moment.

The object is to apparently wrap the visible glass standing on table in a handkerchief, yet in reality you have another glass in the handkerchief instead.

Let A represent glass in well and B the glass on table.

Call attention to Glass B on the table with left hand. In your right hand you hold a handkerchief with enough of one corner tucked into right palm to allow handkerchief enough spread to cover enough space to screen a glass from audience. Bring right hand with handkerchief to front edge of table, Fig. 21, and grasp Glass A in well with thumb and first finger. Fig. 22 shows rear view. Pick up Glass A, Fig. 23, while the left hand picks up Glass B from the table. The attention of the audience is centered on the left hand and Glass B. Pretend to place B under handkerchief. What you really do is to screen B with the handkerchief long enough to drop it gently into the black art well, Fig. 24. Then raise empty left hand and grasp Glass A, Fig. 25. Cover A with handkerchief, Fig. 26.

If you have performed these moves without hesitation and screened well with handkerchief the illusion of picking up glass from table and placing in handkerchief is excellent.

This form of exchange is a handy "exchange" for using any number of ways; for example, substituting a glass containing a silk or full of rice for a glass of water, milk or what not. From the audience's standpoint the glass does not change, but only the contents.

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