To Get Rid Of Coin After Vanishing It In Hand

To the audience the coin has vanished when the hand is opened, but to the performer there still remains the problem of disposing of the coin which is still in one of his hands.

The best place for depositing the coin is in one of your pockets. I described the Top Pocket Vanish before in this lesson.

Let us assume that coin is in your right hand. You want to dispose of it by dropping it into your right trouser's pocket. To do this without being detected requires MISDIRECTION.

Reach out with left hand before you open it to show that coin has vanished. As you reach forward, the body bends forward, and the right hand automatically comes near the right trouser's pocket. Have left side of body toward audience, and as your left arm swings forward to pretend to give coin to an assistant or to vanish it, slip fingers of right hand into pocket and drop coin there. Remove right hand from pocket immediately. Figure 73 shows view away from audience.

When you have perfected this move, you may even have front of body toward audience. Lean forward and make throwing motion with left hand and you will secure sufficient MISDIRECTION to enable you to drop coin in right trouser's pocket without detection. Other methods may be used, such as the following: Turn left side to audience and pick up something from table with left hand, at the same time dropping coin into right pocket.

You may use the same moves for getting coin into coat pocket -- also for getting the coin from left hand into left pocket.

Many times in vanishing a coin I do not hurry to get rid of it, but take my time and drop it into my pocket when reaching for a handkerchief or some other article. Or sometimes I lay it on the table where it can't be seen when I reach for my wand.

This is a principle which enables you to show both hands empty in a casual way without calling attention to the fact that the coin is gone. The coin is, of course, concealed in one of your hands.

Let us assume that you have the coin Thumb Palmed in your right hand. Bring left hand up to it and grasp coin between tips of second and third fingers. Figure 74.

Curve fingers inward to palm of hand. This brings coin into Curled Finger Tip Palm position in left hand. Figure 75.

Right hand may now be shown freely for coin is in left hand. Reverse movement and place coin back to Thumb Palm position. This frees left hand, which may be shown to audience. That is the way the principle works.

This is the way your hands look to the audience. You have coin in right hand, Thumb Palmed, and audience sees back of right hand and palm of left. Now swing your body to the right side. As your hands pass in front, they naturally come together and you take coin in left fingers. Figures 76 and 77.

Movement to right continues. Palm of right hand, then, comes into view and back of left hand, which now has the coin Curled Finger Tip Palmed. Figure 78.

Audience has apparently seen both sides of hands. You need not say anything about your hands being empty. Merely use Suggestion.

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