Thumb Tip Vanish

Fi G

I ii

Cover back of right hand with palm of left and turn both hands over so that backs of both face audience, Figure 123.

Uncover right hand and expose thimble which has suddenly appeared on right forefinger, Figure 124. Keep back of right hand well to audience and half of thimble looks like a whole one.

To vanish again, merely repeat motions used in making thimble appear. Cover right hand with left and turn both over to show thimble gone.

You may remove half thimble from pocket and put on back of right forefinger in full view of audience. Then vanish it and make it appear as taught you above. After the last production, just remove it from finger and place in pocket. Audience will not suspect that it is not an ordinary thimble.

Another Phantom Thimble Vanish. Hold a handkerchief over left hand and make a well in it, as you did in Lesson 2 for vanishing a cigarette by the Thumb Tip method.

Show thimble on back of right forefinger and place it in well of handkerchief. Turn left side to audience. Remove right forefinger with front of it facing audience. It appears that you placed the thimble in the handkerchief. Grasp handkerchief with right hand, being careful not to expose half thimble, and draw slowly from left hand. Thimble has vanished. Leave half thimble in pocket as you place handkerchief there.

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