Thumb Steal Color Change

To Perform:

Hold deck in regular manner in left hand, faces of cards toward audience. Bring right hand up to deck, placing fingers in front of it and thumb behind it, Figure 73.

Press down on rear card with right thumb and draw hand away, bringing card with it, gripped in crotch of thumb, Figure 74, next page.

Cover front card on deck with right hand, leaving concealed card on it. Then remove hand and show change of front card. Several cards can be slipped from back by pushing down with left forefinger and cards produced in fan from various parts of body.

In this experiment, two cards change instead of one. To Perform:

Split deck about in half and pull down outer section. Push up face card of rear section a little, Figure 75.

Pass right hand over upper section of deck. Push rear card forward with left forefinger until you can grasp it between thumb and little finger of right hand. Bring hand with Palmed card down in front of face card of upper section and grasp that card in similar manner. The two cards are now Palmed in right hand, Figure 76.

As right hand passes back over the deck again, place the two Palmed cards on lower section of deck. Remove right hand and show it empty. Call attention to the double change on the deck, Figure 77.

You may work this in pantomime or use this "Patter":

"If you pass your hand over the deck once, nothing happens."

Palm off the rear card, then show that cards are still the same.

"But if you pass your hand over them twice, one card changes."

Palm off face card of upper section, together with the rear card. Then show that one card has changed. "However, the third time over, changes the bottom card as well." Place cards over front card of lower section and show change.

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