Thimble Jump From Hand to Hand

Stand directly facing audience. Show thimble on left forefinger pointing upward. Hold right forefinger in similar position. Backs of both hands to audience and other fingers curled into palms, Figure 101.

Move left hand down about a foot and then suddenly up again. On upward motion, Thumb Palm thimble in left hand. Straighten forefinger immediately again. Effect is that thimble has suddenly vanished from left forefinger.

Now do a similar movement with right hand—down and suddenly up again. On upward motion, get the Thumb Palmed thimble on right forefinger. Do this in a flash so that it will not be noticed by audience. Straighten finger immediately and show it with thimble on. The effect is that thimble vanished from left forefinger and suddenly appeared on right. If movements are properly timed, the effect is that thimble jumps from one hand to the other.

The movement may be varied by holding fingers in horizontal position instead of vertical. Make throwing motions of hands toward each other to cover the small Thumb Palming or Production movements.

Finish with thimble on right forefinger.

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