The Wandering Aces


Four aces are laid down in a row on the table, backs up. Three indifferent cards are placed on each ace. One of the four heaps is chosen, and when turned over, is found to contain all four aces. The other three heaps are shown to contain all indifferent cards.


Run through the deck to pick out the four aces. As you find them, place them on the table in a row, backs up, Figure 28.

"I have placed the four aces in a row on the table. But I hear some odd suspicious murmurs that the cards may not be four aces. Pick them up, sir,

and make sure that all four aces are there."

As spectator looks at cards, fan deck without looking at it and get left little finger under top three cards. Square up deck.

Palm off top three cards in right hand and immediately place rest of deck in right hand, Figure 29.

"If I didn't have four aces, I really couldn't work this experiment. Now, I shall ask you to place the aces on top of the pack again."

Take deck in left hand and hold it out so that aces can be placed on top of it. Place right hand up in front of right hip, back to audience.

When aces are on top of deck, bring right hand up and place the three palmed cards on top of aces, at the same time taking rest of deck in right hand again. With left hand, point to table.

"I placed four aces on the table. The aces have been examined. I will just replace them in a row on the table again."

Lay down the top three cards in a row, backs up, about two or three inches apart. As you lay down fourth card, turn it up casually and show it to be an ace, say the Ace of Diamonds.

"The Ace of Diamonds can be on the end."

Place Ace on table to finish row.

"Now, on each ace, I shall place three indifferent cards."

Place the top three cards from deck on the end card, the Ace of Diamonds. This brings all four aces together. Do not expose cards.

"Three cards here."

Place three more cards on next card to left and expose cards a little as you place them down to show that they are indifferent cards.

"Or you can deal indifferent cards from the bottom."

Turn cards over and place three cards on each of the two remaining cards, which are presumed by the audience to be aces. Place deck aside.

"We have an ace and three indifferent cards in each one of these heaps. I shall move the heaps around a bit."

Move heaps around so that the heap of four aces comes in third position from the left and second from the right.

FORCE THE ACE HEAP by one of the methods taught you in this lesson. Place chosen heap forward a little.

Turn over heap at left end and spread. "No aces."

Turn over heaps two and four and with each say, "No aces."

Now turn over the selected heap and spread out. "The heap you selected -- all aces!"

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