The Sucker Rabbit Box Vanish

"Sucker" tricks in Magic are those in which the performer apparently "gives away" the trick. This is done in an exaggerated manner, and the audience is sure that they know how to do it, much to the performer's discomfiture. The magician tries to cover up matters, only to make them worse, until at the finish he proves that the audience is wrong in their conclusions and that he has fooled them after all. You have an example of the "sucker" effect in the last lesson when you use the Egg Bag and pretend to place an egg in your trouser's pocket. These effects are always very popular in Magic.

This "Sucker" Rabbit Vanish is amazing. Juvenile audiences almost go into a riot over it. EFFECT:

Performer constructs a box with a lid on it. He takes a live rabbit and drops him into the box. Then he makes a magic circle over the box with his hand, removes the lid, and shows the box empty. But suddenly the audience awakes to the fact that there is a false partition in the box and that the rabbit is under that. Magician appears to be embarrassed. After much by-play, he finally raises the partition and opens up the bottom of the box to prove conclusively that the rabbit has vanished.

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