The Speedy Single Knot


Performer holds a handkerchief by opposite corners in his two hands. He brings his hands together and pulls them apart instantly, and suddenly a knot has appeared in the handkerchief.

To Perform:

Hold silk as in Figure 13. End B comes between first and second fingers of left hand from front (toward audience) to back (toward you). End A comes between first and second fingers of right hand from back to front.

Bring hands together with right hand inside of left hand, Figure 14.

Grasp A between second and third fingers of left hand and B between the same fingers of right hand, Figure 15.

Releasing ends from first and second fingers of both hands, draw B to right and A to left between second and third fingers of each hand, Figure 16.

Continue drawing ends apart until a single knot is tied in silk, Figure 17. NOTE:

This makes a good tie when used in contrast with the ordinary manner of tying a single knot. First tie a knot as it is usually done. Then explain that a magical knot is much speedier and better and proceed to tie the speedy magical knot. Rolling the silk rope fashion facilitates working.

Practice this until you can do it so quickly that it appears that you merely put your hands together and the silk knotted itself.

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