The Slip Change

Keeping lower edge of deck together, open up upper edge of deck about in the middle. Figure 26. Press hard with left fingers against top card of right-hand section of deck.

Lift out all of right-hand section of deck with the exception of top card, Figure 27. Hold this card securely with left fingers.

When you remove right-hand section of deck with right hand, top card automatically falls against the cards in left hand and so becomes the top card of the left-hand half of deck. Figure 28.

This move in which a card on one section of a deck is slipped over onto the top of the other section is called THE SLIP CHANGE- Practice this over and over again. Keep a firm grip on card to be slipped with left fingers. You must acquire ease and quickness in performing this move. Also study the ANGLE OF VISIBILITY for the move before your mirror.

Place the two sections of deck on table, faces of cards down.

"Let us see what card is on top of this packet."

Take left-hand packet and do the DOUBLE CARD LIFT, lifting the two top cards as one. Call out the card and replace. The top card is really a spade, but the audience is not aware of this.

"Queen of hearts." (Or whatever the "second", card may be.)

Replace pack on table. Do the DOUBLE CARD LIFT on other section of deck.

"The top card on the other packet is the ten of diamonds." (Or whatever the "second" card in this half of the deck may be.)

Replace double card on pile again.

"Do you believe in fortune-telling? Fortune-telling with cards? Whether you do or not, I want to show you something peculiar about card prophecies. Will someone take all three of the envelopes, please — those which my good friends are holding, and mix them up well?"

Someone collects three envelopes and mixes them up.

"Now, spread them out and I will take one."

Reach over and take the one with the dots marked on it.

"I guess this one is as good as any. I wonder what card is in it. I don't suppose the Old Nick, himself, knows. But that is where fortune-telling with cards comes in. On the table we have two piles of cards. On the one is the Queen of Hearts, on the other is the Ten of Diamonds. We will ask the spirit of the great gypsy fortune teller to come down and tell us with these cards which card is in the envelope. First, good gypsy, tell us the suit. Is it a heart, a spade, a club, or a diamond? Hark, I hear foot prints of the spook."

Lift off top card on left-hand pile. It is the Spade card. Show it to the audience.

"A Spade. Now tell us, kind spirit, what is the number on the card? Is it a deuce, a six spot, a King — or what?"

Lift off 5 spot on right hand section.

"A 5 spot. Then the card in the envelope is the FIVE OF SPADES. Who selected the 5 of Spades? You, sir? Thank you."

Tear open large envelope quickly. Remove smaller envelope, carefully concealing slit corner with fingers of left hand. Tear open flap end, then place forefinger of right hand inside envelope and rip open side and bottom, allowing card to come out. If you have a knife handy, you may slit side and bottom of envelope with it. This destroys the evidence of the slit corner.

Hold up card and show it so that all can see it.

"The 5 of Spades is correct. Please tear open the other envelopes and I will replace the cards in the pack."

Envelopes are torn open by spectators and cards given to performer. Magician shows them and calls them in order to convince audience that different cards were placed in each envelope.

Pick up sections of deck from table, replace selected cards, and square up the deck.

NOTE: When you call out cards, put vigor into your voice. Be sincere and convincing in your manner. BE POSITIVE. Do not hesitate or stammer or you will lose your effect. Here again the POWER OF SUGGESTION applies. If you are positive in your actions, you will convince your audience and put over your tricks.

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