The Simplified Pass

Place top half of deck which is in right hand on lower half which is in left hand. As you do so insert little finger of left hand between the two halves of deck, as in Figure 2.

The front part of deck is allowed to come together in an ordinary manner, but the back part is divided by the little finger. Audience thinks two halves have been brought together and selected card lost in center of deck.

Practice this much carefully before the mirror until you can do this naturally and insert your little finger so that no one can notice it.

Figure 3 shows the position of your left hand now. Your thumb is at the left of the pack, your first finger is at the front end, your second and third fingers are at the right, and your little finger is at the back between the two sections of the deck.

Turn left hand toward right bringing thumb end up.

Using little finger as a lever, push top half of deck out a little and grasp it with right hand. See Figure 4.

Your object is to get the selected card to the top of the deck. This card is now the top card on the lower section of the deck which you have divided by little finger of left hand. To accomplish this you perform THE SIMPLIFIED PASS in this manner:

With right hand place top half in front of lower half of deck and shuffle cards toward front of deck, faces of cards toward audience. See Figure 5. This must be all done with one movement. Do not put the top pile of cards down in front of the others and then start shuffling. Do your shuffling right from the movement of the Pass.

This is called a FALSE SHUFFLE to keep selected card at top of deck — explanation of this follows:

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