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Spectator is asked to think of any card in the deck as cards are riffled. Spectator is forced to think of certain card.


This force requires what is known in Magic as a SHORT CARD. You prepare it this way: Trim off with a pair of sharp scissors a small edge from one end of a card from 1/32 to 1/16 of an inch. Trim the corners down, rounding them to look like those of ordinary card, Figure 10.

This Short Card looks like any other card. The difference is so slight that even keen eyes would not notice it. When this is mixed into the deck, it can readily be located by riffling top of cards with the thumb. The moment this short card slips by thumb, there is a snap and a little hesitation in the riffling.

Suppose you want to force the Ace of Hearts. Place the Short Card in front of the Ace and place both cards about 1/3 to 1/2 of the way back from front of deck, Figure 11, next page.

Hold deck in left hand and riffle top edge with right thumb. Do this fast so that eyes of spectator will not have a chance to concentrate on any one card. When your thumb reaches short card, this card snaps forward and exposes the


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Ace of Hearts a little longer than any of the other cards. Spectator concentrates on this card and selects it. Rest of cards are riffled through rapidly, Figure 12.

Spectator thinks he has freely selected the card, but he really had no chance to see any card long enough to remember but the forced card. Experience will teach you just how fast to riffle the cards and how long to hesitate on the forced one. This hesitation must not be noticeable but just long enough to get the result.

Say to spectator:

"I am going to riffle the cards, and as I do so, I want you to THINK of any one of the cards as they pass by. I want you to make a deep mental impression of one card and remember, it. Choose any card except the bottom one. Do not select one in advance, but select ONE of the cards as they riffle by."

Riffle the cards and force the desired one. You may then proceed with experiment for which you forced the card.

You keep backs of cards toward yourself. You need not see faces of cards. If you find it easier, you may riffle with first finger, Figure 13.

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