The Put Back False Count

Suppose that you want apparently to count TWELVE cards off the deck but really to remove only FIVE.

Hold deck in left hand, backs up, in horizontal position. Or cards may be held with face of each showing as it is counted.

With left thumb slide top card half way off deck to right and take it with right hand. Count aloud — "ONE, Figure 23.

Push next card over to right. Place first card on top of it and remove the two with right hand. Count — "TWO."

Continue this until you have removed FIVE cards. Now take the sixth card, but keep it jogged to the left about half inch, Figure 24.

Continue counting eleven cards, but keep all after the fifth jogged — even with the sixth card.

When you come to the twelfth card, do not push it over with left thumb. Bring right hand with cards over to top of deck and leave the six cards, separated from first five by jog, on deck. Thus instead of removing twelfth card, you put back all except five. Bring right hand quickly away from deck as if removing another card and count — "TWELVE, Figure 25.

Keep a uniform motion with each count. As you make the last move, keep cards turned downward a little.

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