The Power of Suggestion as It Works on Yourself

This is nothing but the theory on which Coue, the French druggist, based his slogan, "Day by Day in Every Way I Am Getting Better and Better." You know what a sensation he caused everywhere. People flocked to see him. He was hailed as a healer. Thousands became mad devotees of the Coue fad. And why? Because he was a psychologist.

Coue merely gave the people the slogan and told them that if they said it over and over again it would make them actually feel better. And it did what Coue said it would do—not because saying a few words can make a sick man well—but because the Power of Suggestion is so great that if we suggest to ourselves often enough that we are getting better and create a vision of ourselves as well and strong, before long the mind has controlled the body to the extent that its functions are toned up. The result is that we do actually feel better.

Coue's influence started with a small group. The gripping stories of the healings were spread far and wide by the newspapers and by the people themselves. And here we find the Power of Suggestion working again. Others who read or heard the tales received the suggestion within themselves that Coueism would make them get better and better, and so Coueism spread like wild fire into every corner of the globe. And back of it is nothing but the Power of Suggestion.

Now why have I gone into the discussion of the Power of Suggestion from a medical viewpoint and in a way that hints of Christian Science? It is because I believe that the Power of Suggestion in medicine is the strongest example I can give you of how this power works within all of us.

Examples from Medical Science give you an understanding of how great this power is. But its influence in the medical field is only a small part of its wide scope. It works constantly in every day life, in the business world, in the professional world—in every walk of life and with people of every age.

Actors are an outstanding example of people who must exercise this power over themselves. Al Jolson, for instance, must be under the influence of suggestion to the extent that he believes, not that he is made up with cork, but that he really has a dusky skin and is singing for his Mammy. If he felt that he were only acting a part, he would never be the success he is.

You have exercised Suggestion on yourself many times. In your business you have suggested to yourself that you were going to sell that Jones firm. You saw the order already written and signed, and you began to believe you were already shaking hands with R. A. Jones, Sr., as your customer. You believed it and you went after Jones with a bang and sold him. That's the way the Power of Suggestion will work for you. It sells you the ideas first, and you must be sold before you can sell the next fellow.

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