The Pick Up False Count

This is a method for actually counting MORE cards than you apparently do. Thus if you want to count TWELVE cards apparently but in reality count FIFTEEN, you may use this method.


Hold deck in left hand, backs of cards up. Fan cards to right and get your left little finger under eight cards. Square up the deck. Now with right hand pick up the top card with fingers at outer end and thumb at edge nearest you. This view is from above, Figure 26.

Lay this card down on spectator's outstretched hand and count — "ONE."

Pick up second card and lay it even with first on spectator's hand. Count -- "TWO." Do the same with the third and fourth, counting -"THREE," "FOUR."

For the fifth, lift the next four cards -- those separated from deck with left little finger. Place them down on spectator's hand as one and count -- "FIVE." This gives you the three extra cards.

Continue counting until you have said "TWELVE." Spectator really holds fifteen cards in his hand.

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