The Phantom Knot

A pretty effect with a piece of soft clothesline. EFFECT:

Performer ties a single knot in a piece of clothesline. He merely passes his hand over the knot and it disappears.


1--A piece of soft clothesline, about 3 feet long.


Hold rope between first and second fingers of left hand about five inches from one end. Grasp rope between first finger and thumb of right hand about same distance from other end, Figure 28.

With right hand bring end B up BEHIND end A. making loop C, Figure 29.

Slip end B through loop C from the back to the front, Figure 30.

Pull end B down to make a loose single knot. The tie appears to be a knot to the audience, but in reality it is a fake knot. A real knot would be tied by placing end B in front of end A. In this case you put end B in back of A, and the result is there is no knot, Figure 31.

To tighten knot a little, pull up on end A. Be careful to cover point where A and B cross each other with thumb and fingers of left hand to prevent detection of fake knot by audience, Figure 32, next page.

Pull down on end B again with right hand and slip left fingers out of loop.

This gives audience a good opportunity to see knot, Figure 33.

Every move has been made slowly and deliberately and audience believes that they have seen you make a real knot. Now bring right hand around knot and slowly move hand downward, Figure 34.

This causes fake knot to untie and rope hangs straight between your hands, Figure 35.

Remove right hand from rope before you reach lower end and show right hand empty to prove that you have not slipped knot from end of rope. Let rope hang from left hand and show to audience, Figure 36.

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