The Phantom Cigarette


I prefer the first method. Because of the partition in the box, the matches cannot slide out of the hole when the cigarette is out of the box.

Place box in left coat pocket or have it in some other handy place.

The success of this experiment depends on your ability to pantomime the making of a cigarette. Study the motions carefully.

Pretend to take a package of cigarette papers from pocket, take a sheet, and replace package. Make an imaginary trough in paper. Reach into back pocket and produce an imaginary pouch of tobacco, open it, and sprinkle tobacco into paper. Pull strings of imaginary sack with your teeth to close it. Replace sack in pocket. Even up tobacco in paper. Roll cigarette. Wet end of paper and paste down. Fix ends of cigarette and place it in your mouth.

Reach into pocket with left hand and bring out box of matches. Keep prepared end of box away from audience so that cigarette will not be exposed.

Open box. This brings cigarette inside of box cover, and box can now be shown freely as you take a match, Figure 71.

Close box and strike match on side. Holding box in left hand, bring both hands up to mouth as if to light imaginary cigarette. Under cover of hands, grasp cigarette in teeth, Figures 72 and 73.

Pull box forward a little to release cigarette. Now light the real cigarette between your lips, remove hands, and show cigarette.

A good way to vary this effect is to ask someone for a cigarette and pretend to take one from the package he offers. Audience sees that you do not take a cigarette and are surprised when they find that you suddenly get one between your lips.

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