The One Handed

Another flourish with cards in which the pack is cut while held in one hand. To Perform:

Hold pack between fingers and thumb, backs of cards up, Figure 114.

Allow about half of the pack to drop into palm, making sections A and B, Figure 115.

With tips of FIRST finger and LITTLE finger, push against B, raising it up under A, Figure 116. Continue raising B until it is free of A and A drops down toward palm, Figure 117.

The moment B is free from A, transfer first finger to A to control it and lower it evenly, Figure 118. When A has dropped into position, let B fall on top of it and the cut is completed, Figure 119.

PRACTICE THIS CUT WITH BOTH HANDS. Then try holding half of deck in each hand and cutting them simultaneously. This method of cutting is similar to the REGULAR PASS.

This lesson has covered some interesting and valuable card sleights. With a little ingenuity on your part, you can work them into many tricks. You can introduce flourishes and production and vanishing of cards here and there for variety. A number of methods for doing the same thing are taught to you so that you can pick out the method which is easiest for you and which you like best. Practice and perfect the methods which suit you best.

More wonderful card effects in this lesson -- effects used by great magicians and other clever effects which you will be mighty glad to know and use. Experiments with Four Aces, with Rising Cards, and with Fountains of Cards.


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