The Mystery Of The Dancing Girls

The "Mystery of the Dancing Girls" is especially valuable for the able magician because it is so easily adaptable where you are working with a number of people. It can be easily enlarged to handle up to a dozen people if necessary, though six is the customary number.

The "Mystery of the Dancing Girls" works out especially nicely for Christmas Entertainments, where various characters are to be magically produced — or in a Fashion Show for the production of various models -or - in a musical production for producing dancing girls. While the cabinet may seem bulky you will find many places where this type cabinet will be very welcome.

Some time ago when I was producing at one of the prominent moving picture houses in Chicago where Al

Short and his orchestra were giving a series of presentations of various countries around the world, I had the stage carpenter build me a cabinet so that I could produce six dancing girls. The presentation was "India". Ollie Thomas, eminent saxophonist, was cast for the part of the magician. He was to play the part of the Hindu magician and produce the girls from the cabinet.

It was my first production for Short and when he saw the cabinet under construction and the method I was using for the production of the girls he was rather dubious as to whether anyone would be mystified or not and as to whether he had made a mistake in getting me to produce a feature number for him. However, he let the work go on. After the first performance, the manager of the theatre came back of the stage and complimented Short on the novel production of the girls. "But of course," he said, "I knew where the girls came from, as they came up through a trap door in the stage."

Short came and told me later about the incident and said, "That's enough, Tarbell, from now on you can do as you please and no questions asked. When you can fool the manager and make him think we can cut trap doors in a stage six feet thick in concrete, that's enough to convince me the illusion is good." And Al Short never questioned me again on any illusion I ever produced for him.

A black cabinet trimmed with gold or decorated in modernistic style, is freely shown by turning it around and opening the front and back doors to show it empty. The doors are closed and then the front doors are opened again. Six dancing girls fill the cabinet and step out of the cabinet two by two and into their dance. Or if desired the girls can be produced two at a time until the six have been produced.

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