The Multiplying Cigarette


One cigarette is shown by performer, and suddenly another is produced from the first.

To Perform:

Pinch end of a cigarette and conceal it by grasping it in crotch of left thumb--B. Hold another cigarette exposed at tips of thumb and first finger—A, Figure 49.

To audience it appears that you are just holding one cigarette in left hand. Back of hand is exposed.

Left side of body is toward audience, Figure 50.

Bring right hand down to left, placing tips of fingers just inside left fingers. Grasp pinched end of concealed cigarette between third and fourth fingers of right hand, Figure 51.

Start moving hands to left and turn body to left. As you do so, grasp cigarette A in right finger-tips and remove cigarette B from crotch of left thumb, Figure 52.

As you turn to left, palm of left hand and back of right are exposed to

audience. Fingers of right hand are curled into palm sufficiently to conceal cigarette B, Figure 53.

Take cigarette A into left hand again. Raise right hand, getting right thumb under cigarette, Figure 54.

Bring the two hands together so that cigarettes are parallel. Under cover of right hand, pivot cigarette B upward against finger-tips. Then produce the second cigarette, pretending to pull it out of the first one.

Show both cigarettes freely to audience as you face front, Figure 55.

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