The Mathematical Force


Performer makes a selected card appear at any number from the top of the deck which spectator chooses. To save time, spectator is asked to choose number between one and twenty.


Have card freely selected and then returned to middle of deck. Allow TWO cards from upper packet to fall on selected card. Place left little finger on top of these two cards, do the Simplified Pass to get them and the selected card to top of deck. Selected card is now third down from top.

Ask spectator to select a number under twenty. Suppose TEN is the selected number.

Hold cards with backs up in left hand. Count down 12 cards quickly, one on top of the other, placing them on table. Count each card aloud as you deal it. Then say,

"Pardon me, what number did you say?"

Spectator says he chose number 10. Quickly replace the 12 cards on the deck.

"My mistake. Ten cards, you say."

By counting the cards down on the table, you have reversed the order of them. Originally you had two indifferent cards on top of the deck and the selected card third from the top. Now, by counting two more cards than the selected number, you bring the selected card just at the selected number down from the top. Spectators do not realize that you have reversed order of cards and stacked them so as to bring selected card into position.

Regardless of what number is chosen, count down TWO more in the first counting. Then replace all the cards on the deck.

Now you can proceed to count down to the tenth card. After you have counted nine, have spectator take tenth card -- and this proves to be the selected one.

If number 1 is chosen, fan cards enough to get left little finger under top three cards. Lift the three cards as ONE with right hand and show face card as selected card.

If number 2 is called, deal off the first card on the table. Then for second card, deal SECONDS as you were taught in Lesson 35. This will bring out the selected card as the second card.

If number 3 is called, merely count down the two indifferent cards and show the third as selected one.

If number 4 is called, you may proceed in the regular way or else FALSE COUNT three cards as four and show selected card.

If you want to use this method for forcing a card, select the card you want forced and place it third from top of deck before beginning experiment. Then have spectator select number and proceed as above to get the forced card. Spectator believes he has had free choice, but you have brought out the card you want used. Then you can proceed with the experiment you want to perform with forced card.

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