The Magical Bow Knot

A neat effect produced by G. W. Hunter, a clever magician of England. EFFECT:

Performer holds a handkerchief in his hands. He brings his hands together and then apart again, and a bow knot is found tied in the handkerchief. To make the knot doubly strong, he inserts the ends of the handkerchief through each of the bows. At command, the handkerchief unties itself.

To Perform:

A rather long and narrow piece of silk lends itself best to this experiment. A fairly large silk handkerchief, twisted rope fashion, or even a piece of clothesline may also be used, however.

Hold handkerchief in both hands as in Figure 40.

Turn palm of right hand toward body and bring hands together, Figure 41, next page.

Extend first and second fingers of right hand in back of left hand, Figure 42.

Grasp upper end of silk between first and second fingers of right hand. Extend same fingers of left hand and grasp lower end of silk between them, Figure 43.

Pull hands apart and the silk is looped into a bow knot. This must be done quickly so that it appears that you merely put your hands together and the bow knot appeared, Figure 44.

FtG, -4G

Insert an end into each bow. Be careful how you do this. Bring the ends up and back of the bows, through them and toward you, Figure 45.

Hold ends as in Figure 46. Bow is in center of handkerchief.

Then pull ends apart and handkerchief unties itself.

Figures 47 and 48 are diagrams of the bow knot effect in the first and second stages. Clothesline was used. Study it carefully and practice it so that you have no difficulty in performing it quickly. Once you learn just which way to put the ends through the bows, you will never have any trouble in performing the effect.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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