The Load

Fold up the silks carefully and place them on top of the roll of paper ribbon. On the silks, place the five or six folded lanterns. Around all this wrap the black silk handkerchief tightly and pin it so that it will hold. Stick pin in at edge so that around middle part of pin a heavy black thread may be tied. To free end of thread, attach a snap fastener, Figure 54.

Place second half of snap fastener on top of one side of cover of lantern. Attach fastener on thread from load to lantern top so that load comes inside of top, Figures 55 and 56.

Place load carefully in lantern and push top a bit forward. Snap fastener is at rear edge. Place lantern thus prepared on seat of a chair in readiness for experiment, Figure 57.

if you desire to produce a rabbit from the silks or ribbon, prepare a rabbit bag to hang on back of chair. Cover front of chair with decorated cloth to screen rabbit bag. See Lesson 30 for this rabbit production.

If you desire to produce a large silk, prepare it in this manner:

The silk should be about five or six feet square. Paint a brilliant butterfly, peacock, parrot, or Chinese figure on it with Paintex or oil or Japanese colors mixed with Permanent mixture to keep them from running.

Sew a white button to right-hand upper corner of silk and a black button to upper left-hand corner. In this way when you remove silk from back of chair, you can grasp white button in right hand and black button in left

hand and open silk out properly to display the figure painted on it.

Roll up the silk and place it in special fastener. To make fastener, take a piece of tape and sew half of a snap fastener to each end. Sew a small metal ring to middle, Figure AA.

Place fastener around middle of silk and snap together. Hang metal ring on nail at back of chair, Figure

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