The bottom section of cards with the Queen on top of it is left projecting about one-quarter to three-eighths of an inch to the left of the top section. This is called the JOG and is the means of keeping track of the selected card which you are going to FORCE. Left thumb is on top of deck and four fingers under it. Figure 1.

You ask spectator to select a card from the deck. Begin spreading cards fanwise to the right, starting with the top card. Figure 2.

Keep on spreading cards until spectator is just about ready to take a card, always keeping track of the Queen at the Jog. Figure 3.

As spectator reaches for a card, expose the Queen more than the others and push it slightly, not obviously, forward towards his fingers. Most people will take that card automatically for it is easiest and most convenient to get. It will not occur to them that you caused them to take that particular card. Figure 4.

In the FORCE you use silent suggestion. You do not suggest with words, but with motion. You control the card with your fingers and spread the deck so that the desired card is brought to a point directly in front of the spectator's fingers just as he is ready to take a card. It appears that the spectator freely selects a card and that you are merely being polite in exposing it and helping him to get it more easily.

Forcing seems difficult to the uninitiated, but in reality it is very easy. The Jog is a very simple device for keeping track of the card to be forced, and you will have no trouble with the rest of the Force. Practice it.

At times you will want to Force a card from the bottom of the deck instead of the top. Perform the REGULAR PASS. This brings the card to the bottom of the upper section of deck. JOG your deck as before explained. The card on top of the lower section of deck acts as a key card to show that the card above it is the one to be FORCED.

When you have members of your audience assist you in an effect, select those who seem to be best educated and refined and those who seem to respond to suggestion. You will seldom encounter difficulties.

There may be occasions, however, when your assistants will prove to be contrary and you must be prepared for the emergency when the spectator will not take the card you are trying to force.

In this case, let this spectator have his free choice of a card. Then force the card on the next person. If you fail again this time, do not be disturbed. Just keep on trying your Force until a spectator takes the selected card.

Say to the first spectator who drew a card, "Pardon me, but what card did you select?" Gentleman names card, for instance, the King of Hearts. You say, "The King of Hearts?" Look at card. "That's Right." Take card from gentleman.

In case more than one spectator has failed to take the forced card, request each one to name his card. You look at the card and say, "That's right," in each case and take the cards from the spectator.

This is a bit of byplay which gets you out of the difficulty, yet the audience thinks you did this on purpose just to have some fun. Now take the forced card and continue with your experiment.

Always be prepared to get out of difficulties. When the wrong card is taken, sometimes you can do another trick with it -- just a short, snappy one — and then continue with the effect you intended to do.

Another excellent means of forcing a card is the method used in the last effect of Lesson 13, THE MAGNETIC KNIFE. Have a knife run into the pack. Then perform the SLIP CHANGE (Lesson 9). In this way you get the selected card to the top of the bottom section of the deck. Now slide it off and show it to be the selected card. Then continue with your experiment.

You can readily see the importance of knowing your principles thoroughly for each one may be used in many ways and in many effects.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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