The Handkerchief Pull

This is for vanishing the handkerchief later on in the experiment. Sew a small ring under bottom edge of vest, just back of your hip, about an inch back of side seam. The pull is pear-shaped with an elastic attached. The elastic may be from 12 to 18 inches in length. Experience will teach you the length best suited to your needs. Run the elastic through the lower side of ring and up to center back of vest on the under side. Secure it with a safety pin at the point where the end of elastic reaches, Figure 28.

Elastic should hold the Pull just under the ring without any undue stretch of elastic. When Pull is pulled out from body a foot or so and then released, it will fly back into position.

To make it easy to get at Pull when you need it, place it in lower right vest pocket. Some performers carry it in that pocket throughout their show, while others arrange it just before performing this trick. If you need this pocket for other experiments, do not put the Pull in it until just before this trick. You will have no difficulty in doing so when you have left side turned to audience, Figure 29.

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