The Fadeaway Double Knot

This is an effective knot for easy release. It is important in Sympathetic Silks which follows later in this lesson.


Performer ties two handkerchiefs together in a double knot. Silks are then laid on the seat of a chair. Magician picks them up suddenly, and they are found to be untied.

To Perform:

Take two silks. Place corners A and B together. A in left hand is toward you and B in right hand is toward audience. With thumb and first finger of right hand, grasp A, still retaining hold on B with lower fingers.

Knot Handkerchief

Perform the same move with left hand to grasp B, Figure 18.

Bring ends of silks up about on a level with chest, then down again suddenly. In your downward movement, twist ends B and A around each other quickly. The effect to the audience is that you have tied a single knot, Figure 19.

Now tie a regular single knot with the ends, Figure 20.

Pull knot tight with thumbs and first fingers of hands, also assisting with lower fingers of each hand which still grasp silks tightly beneath knot, Figure 21.

Grasp lower corner of handkerchief in right hand and hold the two silks, apparently tied together in a double knot, as in Figure 22.

Place the tied silks on the seat of a chair. Pick them up a moment later with a jerk, and the knot fades away, leaving the two silks separate.

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