The Elusive Changeover Palm

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Practice before your mirror, working out each movement carefully. Master the principle with both hands, also starting with coin Front Thumb Palmed in the left hand, then swinging to the left.

This is another Change-Over principle which is very useful.

Coin is Front Thumb Palmed in right hand. Right side of body is toward audience and hands are held up at left side, backs of both hands to audience. Figure 79.

Bring left hand down until front of right thumb is over back of left thumb. Change coin over from Front Thumb Palm position in right hand to Back Thumb Palm position in left hand. Figure 80.

Swing hands up together to front so that palms are toward audience. Spectators have now seen both backs and palms of your hands and think nothing is concealed. Figure 81.

Hold hands up at level of chest. Move them apart to show that you have nothing between them. Figure 82.

Reverse movements again to show backs of hands and get coin into Front Thumb Palm position with hands as in Figure 79.

Practice also bringing coin back into view as in Figure 21, the Production Clip. It is easy to bring coin from almost any Palm into this position. Study it until you can do it skillfully.

There is much in this lesson to keep you busy, and I hope by the time you receive Lesson 22 you will be well advanced in your mastery of Coin Sleights.

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