The Egg

The experiment in which an egg disappears and reappears in a small cloth bag has come down through the ages to us. It has been worked by many methods and in various versions, and it has always been a popular number on magicians' programs. It affords the audience much amusement, especially if there are children present.

This version which I teach you is fool-proof and very effective. In combination with it you also learn how to vanish an egg from a handkerchief and how to produce funny articles from the coat of the boy who is helping you. The handkerchief and egg bag vanishes can be applied to other articles as well as an egg -articles, such as a watch, a ball, a glove, etc. The production of articles from the boy's coat gives you a good chance for comedy. Any number and variety of articles may be produced, once you have mastered the principle of getting a "load" of articles up under the back of his coat for production.

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