The Dissolving Single Knot


Performer ties a single knot in handkerchief and places handkerchief on a chair. Then he lifts handkerchief again, and knot has disappeared.

To Perform:

Hold end A of handkerchief between first and second fingers of left hand and end B in right hand as in, Figure 2.

Curl third and fourth fingers of left hand down to grasp handkerchief securely. Bring end B in right hand over these fingers and in front of first and second fingers. Grip B between thumb and base of first finger, releasing right hand, Figure 7.

With right hand reach inside loop of handkerchief and grasp A. End B of handkerchief is held tight between second and third fingers of left hand, as well as thumb and first finger, Figure 8.

Bring A down and through loop of handkerchief, Figure 9.

As you continue to pull end A to the right, curve second and third fingers and draw them backward a little, pulling part of the handkerchief with them. This causes a looping of the handkerchief which looks like a knot, Figure 10.

Release second and third fingers from knot and hold handkerchief as shown in Figure 11.

Lay handkerchief on seat of chair. Then pick up end B with a slight upward jerk and the knot fades away. If desired, instead of placing the silk on a chair, merely pull both ends of it and it unties as you hold it between your hands, Figure 12, next page.

Experience will teach you how tight or how loose to make your knots. They must be tight enough to hold and yet loose enough to untie easily.

This is a pretty effect when worked with two or three large brightly colored silks. Tie each and place it on the chair. Then jerk them upward one at a time, and the knots dissolve.

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