The Disappearing Grain


Performer fills a tin can with wheat or other grain and covers it with a cloth. He suddenly removes the cloth and finds that the grain has disappeared and the can is empty.


1 -- A box of grain. You may use any small grain or even bran. Use any kind of box for it that you wish, Figure 35.

2 -- A tin can, especially prepared.—Get a can with the bottom sunk at least a quarter of an inch. A cardboard box or square wooden box with sunk bottom would also answer the purpose. Prepare the can by covering sunken bottom with glue and then sprinkling grain on it. When can is shown upside down with top opening concealed, it looks like a can full of grain, Figure 36 and Figure 37.

When can is reversed with top up, it appears to be empty and unprepared. The secret of the effect is in preparing can so that it can be shown apparently full of grain and then reversed and shown empty, Figure 38.

3 -- A square of opaque cloth large enough to cover can completely. About an 18-inch square usually serves.

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