The Clean Cut Color Changing Handkerchief

Years ago I brought out my self-contained color changing handkerchief, which I have already described to you in a previous lesson. Some time ago I brought out another bit of apparatus for changing the color of an unprepared handkerchief. This method is clean cut and eliminates all moves of a bungle-some nature.

I have performed my "Clean Cut" Color Change for years and yet, strange to say, I have never seen it duplicated or had anyone give me the correct explanation for working the effect. Color Changing methods have come and gone, but I have never found one which works with unprepared silks as this one does. I have kept my "Clean Cut" method secret until now, but I am teaching it to you in this lesson so that you may add it to your knowledge of Magic. It is a combination of age-old principles, presented in a modernized way.

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