The Circus Trick

This is a good effect which you may perform after you have forced a card by above method.


After spectator has looked at Forced Card, tell him to place it with other cards in his hand and shuffle it in well. Then give him rest of deck, telling him to place all the cards together and shuffle them. Then take deck.

"This is a circus trick, in days gone by performed by the fakers who used to follow the circus. This was one of the old standbys like Three Card Monte and the old Shell Game. The object is to find your card by a mental process. Now, I shall deal the cards, face up and one at a time, on the table. As your card is turned up, I want you to say, 'Stop!' mentally. The moment you think — Stop — I shall tell you your card. Sometimes it is difficult to tell the card on first impression. If I fail, say nothing. Do not help me. Make no noise or motion besides a mental Stop."

Hold deck in left hand, backs of cards up. Turn over top card and place it on table, face up. Continue to do this, placing one card on top of the other, until you come to selected card. Do not stop here but continue to deal off three or four more cards on table, allowing part of selected card to show from under others.

Take hold of top card on deck and remove it half way but do not expose face. Then say to spectator:

"Would you be willing to wager that the NEXT card I turn over will NOT be your card? Personally, I have a hunch it is. I might say at this stage that there are no two cards in the deck alike."

Draw attention to the card half way off the deck. Spectator thinks you are referring to that card. He knows that selected card is on the table, so he probably says that the next card you turn over will not be his card.

"This is a circus trick, and I would not wager with you because you would be sure to lose. When a person bets that the next card turned over will not be his card, performer reaches down and turns over the selected card which is already on the table."

As you say this, reach down and turn over the selected card on the table.

"Was that your card? That's a warning to you to be careful how you bet."

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