The Chinese Pigeon Easel

A study of the illustrations will give the method of construction. Fig. 39 shows the easel before it is decorated. The easel is made into two parts for packing. The upper part with frame fits onto lower base by means of wooden pins. Fig. 40. The center rod in base can be removed for further compactness in packing if desired.

Fig. 41 shows a rear view of upper part. You will note that the apparent decorative panel at the top is really a screen for a compartment to hold the pigeons.

Also that the bottom of the compartment is really hinged at one end and supported at the other end by a metal pin or bolt, Figs. 42-43, next page. When pin is pulled out a bit, door drops to side of frame. To make this practically noiseless, a piece of

rubber tubing is fastened to side of frame near bottom for bottom of compartment to strike against, Fig. 41. Fig. 44 shows appearance of upper part of easel with pigeons inside compartment and door closed. Fig. 45 gives a view showing bottom of compartment released and fallen down against side of frame.

Frames must be built to fit into the frame of easel. Two frames are constructed as shown in Fig. 46 and covered with paper (opaque) as shown in Fig. 47.

NOTE: Easel looks well decorated in Chinese style, Fig. 48.


Easel is brought forward with front towards audience. The pigeons are concealed in compartment.

Walk behind easel and show it without preparation.

Show one of the frames with paper thereon on both sides and place it on the rear. A thumb screw on each side of easel is used to hold frame in place. Fig. 48, next page.

Show the other frame both sides and place in front of easel. Fig. 49. Hold with thumb screws.

Release pin at side allowing bottom of pigeon compartment to drop down. This drops the pigeons down between the two paper frames.

Break paper about center. Reach in and take out a pigeon and toss it into the air. Tear paper still further and allow the rest of the pigeons to escape. Fig. 50.

Tear off paper as much as possible from both front and back frames so that audience can see through frame of easel again.

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